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Spidi is a worldwide leader brand.
From its beginning, the company has been introducing a new philosophy in motorcycle technical equipment that reaches unique values such as safety, comfort and design.

The Spidi Safety Lab.
Spidi Safety Lab is a well-established team of experts involved in an international research programme with a declared commitment: integrating the successful Spidi design with the most advanced safety solutions. Collaborating with renowned European universities, SAFETY LAB aims at increasing the standards of active and passive safety for motorcycle riders. Everyday, this activity takes inspiration from two main streams of information: from racing experiences and, on the other hand, from physical damages mapping of riders involved in motorbike accidents.

Motorcycling world together with fashion trends.
When it comes to comfort, the most important and renowned product of Spidi experience is its waterproof, windproof, transpiring H2OUT membrane. Result of more than ten years of collaboration with the Japanese Toray company, the transpiring membrane with a micrometrical thickness can guarantee maximum comfort, focusing on motorcycling wear peculiarity and needs. Every SPIDI project is born and developed in Italy. A designers team steadily researches new ideas to blend the motorcycling world together with the latest fashion trends.