UPS Express Saver package delivery times

Please see the map below to determine how many working days the package will normally take to reach the destination country.

USA & Canada

Country Working days
Canada 1-4 days
USA 1-2 days


Country Working days
Australia 3-4 days
China 2-5 days
India 2-3 days
Japan 2-3 days
Malaysia 2 days
New Zealand 4-6 days
Singapore 2 days
South Korea 2-3 days
Taiwan 2 days
Thailand 2-4 days


Country Working days
South Africa 2-3 days

Central & South America

Country Working days
Argentina 2-4 days
Brazil 2-4 days
Mexico 1-2 days

Russia & Turkey

Country Working days
Russian federation 2-7 days
Turkey 1 day

Middle East

Country Working days
Egypt 2-3 days
Arab Emirates 2 days
Kuwait 2 days
Saudi Arabia 2 days