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TCX Comp Evo 2 Michelin, boots

RRP $ 542.44$ 488.09

TCX Comp Evo Michelin, boots

RRP $ 542.33$ 488.09

TCX Comp Evo, boots

RRP $ 519.73$ 467.75

TCX RT-Race Pro Air, boots

RRP $ 452.03$ 406.72

TCX R-S2 Evo, boots

RRP $ 429.3234% saved$ 282.41

TCX X-Desert, boots gore-tex

RRP $ 406.7236% saved$ 259.81

TCX Baja, boots Gore-Tex

RRP $ 395.52$ 355.87

TCX Terrain 2, boots

RRP $ 384.12$ 345.70

TCX RT-Race, boots

RRP $ 339.02$ 305.01

TCX Drifter, boots waterproof

RRP $ 339.02$ 305.01

TCX Fuel, boots Gore-Tex

RRP $ 339.0227% saved$ 247.49

TCX S-Speed, boots gore-tex

RRP $ 338.92$ 305.01

TCX SP-Master, boots Gore-Tex

RRP $ 327.72$ 294.84

TCX Clima Surround, boots Gore-Tex

RRP $ 327.72$ 294.84

TCX Baja, boots waterproof

RRP $ 316.42$ 284.67

TCX ST-Fighter, boots waterproof

RRP $ 305.12$ 274.50

TCX Urbanner, shoes Gore-Tex

RRP $ 305.12$ 274.50

TCX Tourer, boots Gore-Tex women

RRP $ 293.81$ 264.33

TCX ST-Fighter, boots

RRP $ 282.51$ 254.16

TCX SP-Master, boots waterproof

RRP $ 282.51$ 254.16

TCX Bluma, boots Gore-Tex women

RRP $ 282.5130% saved$ 197.38

TCX Metropolitan, boots Gore-Tex

RRP $ 282.51$ 254.16

TCX Fuel, boots waterproof

RRP $ 282.51$ 254.16

TCX Custom, boots gore-tex

RRP $ 271.1151% saved$ 132.31

The merger of two companies, Oxtar SpA and Novation SpA, both with the highest level of technological know-how, has created the TCX brand, already a leader in the motorcycle boot market.

TCX has inherited a history of innovations such as the Torsion Control System and the Metatarsal Control System, which have both undergone modifications and improvements. The racing and touring ranges of boot have specific technologies developed to maximise safety and comfort for the rider.

The Woman Line range shares the same technology as the racing and touring lines but has been developed specifically for the female foot.

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