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X-Lite X-402 GT Elegance, modular helmet

The innovative X-Lite X-402 is changed into X-402 GT. GT stands for 'Grand Touring', the true soul of this jet model. The removable protective chin guard has passed the homologation tests required by the ECE regulations for full-face helmets (P/J approval). A simple and practical fastening system allows you to transform X-402 GT from open-face to full-face and the other way round. The new design of the upper air intakes makes their activation easier and more intuitive, even when wearing motorbike gloves. Such innovations turn the X-402 GT into a multifunctional helmet, offering the highest possible comfort and protection in any season, providing the best possible visibility in all use conditions. A valuable alternative, changing the entire scenario of traditional motorbike helmet models.

Triple shell: X-402 GT also benefits from the advantages that come from using three different measurements of outer shell for the six available helmet sizes (XS/S,M/L,XL/XXL). This way, helmet's weight and volume of the helmet (and hence its aerodynamic resistance) are kept to a minimum, proportionate to the rider's size.

Visor: The X-402 GT visor, now ready for the Nolan Fog Resistant system (NFR - standard), is made from SABIC Innovative Plastics (former General Electric Plastics) Lexan® OQ and is designed to guarantee protection and comfort. Its large surface is designed based on aerodynamic tests and simulations and is able to protect the rider's face from water and wind while guaranteeing air circulation within the helmet, as suits an open helmet.

Comfort padding: The padding is made from UNITHERM LIGHT, a special fabric that ensures excellent performance and comfort. It is the most up-to-date elasticised microfibre that guarantees active regulation of breathability by rapidly dispersing perspiration. The special shape of the liner ensures optimum air flow inside the helmet. The removable cheek pads ensure an exact and comfortable fit, which is appreciable both on long road trips and short city jaunts.

Sunscreen (Vision Protection System): X-402 GT is fit with the new inner VPS which completes its top range equipment. Special care and attention have been given to its design. It is highly functional, efficient, and ergonomic. Operation is simple and intuitive, facilitated by the practical external control button, VPS can be activated (lowered) or stored within the shell rapidly and safely under all conditions, even under conditions of repeatedly changing brightness. It features S/R (Scratch Resistant) and F/R (Fog Resistant) treatment. Maintenance and cleaning are made simple thanks to easy disassembly and reassembly operations.

chin guard: The new protective chin guard allows to rapidly change the helmet from open-face to full-face and the other way round (P/J approved helmet). Easy to install, the wind protector makes this helmet (with chin guard fastened) the ideal one for use during the winter months; in addition, it ensures optimum sealing in the lower part of the helmet, preventing possible air infiltration in the chin area. The air intakes, that can be activated individually, ensure a pleasant climate inside the helmet and makes even more effective the NFR FSB system, which is fitted as standard in the new X-402 GT.

  • composite fibre shell
  • Triple shell (XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL)
  • new internal VPS sunscreen
  • quick release visor is made from Lexan OQ
  • Removable comfort padding
  • UNITHERM LIGHT microfibre, breathable
  • comfort neck
  • high flow rate air intakes with defogging function
  • direct entry front air intake
  • indirect entry upper air intake
  • rear hot air extractor
  • ergonimic button for VPS activation/deactivation
  • set-up for installation of the N-Com® X-Series communication system
  • 5 years manufacturer guaranty

Customer reviews

4.5 of 5 stars (8 reviews)

Gut ausgestattet, aber zu laut.

Posted by Thomas 1 23.08.2013

Fällt aus wie angegeben

Für den Sommer suchte ich nach einer luftigen und wertigen Alternative zu meinem Schubert C3. Nach eingehendem Studieren aller Tests und Bewertungen landete ich beim x-lite 402gt. Ausstattung ist perfekt und komplett. Er ist absolut variabel einsetzbar. Als Kontaktlinsenträger verspüre ich kaum, bzw. Nicht störende Zugluft auf den Augen. Aber, und das ist fast ein k.o.-Kriterium: Er ist definitiv zu laut. Schon ab Tempo 40 rauscht es ganz ordentlich und bei 120 wird es unangenehm. Ob mit oder ohne Kinnbügel, es spielt kaum eine Rolle. Ich Messe ihn keinesfalls an meinem C3! Ich vergleiche ihn z.B. mit einem simplen Held-Jethelm. Der war leiser. Übrigens fahre ich immer mit Ohrstöpseln und auf unverkleideter Bonneville. Fazit: Wem Lärm nichts ausmacht, ist hier gut bedient. Alle anderen sollten ihn unbedingt Probefahrten!


Posted by Walter Veith 1 02.02.2013

Schnelle Lieferung. Helm sitzt gut. Mechanik sehr gut. Helm macht einen hochwertigen Eindruck Doppel D Verschluss äußerst gewöhnungsbedürftig - nicht wirklich praktisch, für den, der während der Fahrt viel stoppt und den Helm an- und ausziehen muss. Vielleicht gewöhne ich mich noch im Laufe der Zeit daran. Soll aber sehr sicher sein.

Please support the sale of accessories

Posted by Tomoyuki Tayama 1 05.10.2012

Fits 1 size larger

Spare cheekpads,air deflector,replacement lining

Top Helm

Posted by Robert Müller 1 20.09.2012

Fällt aus wie angegeben

Bin sehr zufrieden mit diesem Model. Leise, komfortabel und praktisch.

Posted by Gerald Pichler 1 15.08.2012

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Spare Parts

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