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Nolan N-Com B901L R-Series, communication system

Sharing the Experience Stay in touch with your travelling companions: new conference ca... read more
RRP $ 335.0220% saved$ 267.72

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Nolan N-Com B901L R-Series, communication system

Article No.: 11048776

Sharing the Experience

Stay in touch with your travelling companions: new conference call functions “Smart Conference” and “Universal Conference”, sharing A2DP music and phone calls. Guaranteed visibility thanks to the exclusive LED system that signals your presence and lights up when braking. B901L, the highest performance, the safety of an incorporated intercom.

Perfect Integration

You will not find better integration: B901L was designed and developed specifically to be assembled on compatible Nolan helmets. Installation is simple, fast and user-friendly. The helmet retains its original comfort.

Ergonomic Keypad

Thin, built into the helmet, 4-button keypad. ?The special ergonomic design of the keypad allows an easy use, even when wearing biker gloves.

High Audio Quality

The joint development of intercom and helmet ensures ideal positioning of earphones and microphone. The audio quality is excellent, the conversation clear and pleasant even at high speeds, and background noise is reduced.

Emergency Stop Signal

B901L offers an exclusive emergency braking signalling system (ESS – Emergency Stop Signal) through intermittent LED light installed in the back of the helmet.Turn on the ESS, you will not go unnoticed.

Safety at first Place

All Nolangroup helmets pre-set for the N-Com system are type-approved with the communication system installed, consequently they comply with regulation ECE/ONU 22-05.

Compatible with the following Nolan helmets
  • N100.5
  • N104, N104 Evo, N104 Absolute
  • N87
  • N44, N44 Evo
  • N40, N40 Full
  • N40.5, N40.5 GT
  • N70-2 GT, N70-2 X
  • N70-2
  • "Rider/Passenger" intercom via Bluetooth
  • BIKE-TO-BIKE intercom via Bluetooth up to 700 metres (in open field, with no obstacles). One-to-one communication. "Bike to Bike Call" Function
  • Smart Conference (Group intercom): simultaneous conference call between 4 “900” series N-Com systems
  • Universal Conference (Chain intercom): simultaneous conference call between a “900” series N-Com system and a system paired up in “Universal Intercom” mode
  • VOX: voice activation and deactivation of the intercom
  • Compatible via Bluetooth with Nolangroup Bluetooth communication systems (except for Bluetooth kit and Bluetooth kit2, which are not compatible)
  • Compatibility via Bluetooth with intercom systems of other brands (Universal Intercom)
Mobile Phone
  • Telephone via Bluetooth: vocal answer, hanging up, voice commands, redialling the last number, switch intercom/phone automatic management
  • Automatic exclusion of intercom and of the connected audio source during a telephone conversation. Automatic reconnection at the end of the phone call
  • "Conference Call" function: 3-way telephone call between Rider, Passenger and caller
  • Double mobile phone management (or Mobile phone and GPS)
  • Storing of 3 favourite numbers, with speed-dialling command
  • iPhone™ and Android™ Compatible. iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. / Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
  • Bluetooth connection to A2DP Mp3 players: Play, Pause, Stop, Skip directly from the helmet (AVRCP profile)
  • Music sharing via Bluetooth with a second helmet
Satellite Navigator
  • Connection via Bluetooth to compatible satellite navigators: directions, MP3 music, mobile phone (for models that allow it)
FM Radio
  • FM radio integrated: Search for radio stations, 6 pre-settings
  • RDS function: automatic search of the stronger FM signal
  • Automatic mute in case of incoming phone calls
Emergency Stop Signal
  • Emergency braking signalling system by means of LED lights
  • Built-in triaxial accelerometer
  • Exclusive algorithm that calculates the acceleration
  • Adjustment of the braking sensitivity level
  • ESS system is unrelated to the braking system of the bike, as it analyses the acceleration sustained by the helmet independently
Stable Rear Light
  • Stable rear light function: fixed LED lamp for visibility
Intermittent Light
  • Intermittent light function in case of poor visibility
Management from PC
  • Management from PC via mini USB wire (included)
  • N-Com Easyset programme downloadable from the Support section. Adjustment of audio parameters, firmware update, FM radio stations pre-setting,  saving quick-dial numbers
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac
N-Com App
  • Management of the N-Com system from Android, iPhone Smartphone and iPad thanks to the dedicated App N-Com Easyset
  • Certificates: Bluetooth 4.1 + EDR, class 1
  • Type-approvals: FCC, IC, CE, C-tick
  • Bluetooth profiles: Headset, Handsfree, A2DP, AVRCP, Intercom, AGHFP
  • Omnidirectional Bluetooth antenna optimized and patented to be positioned in the rear lower part of the helmet
Audio Features
  • Full duplex intercom (HD quality)
  • High quality audio hi-fi stereo
  • Noise-dampening microphone
  • VOICE PROMPT: system multilingual state voice instructions
  • DSP: dynamic noise reduction during intercom connection
  • Auto ON/OFF: automatic management of system ON/OFF through accelerometer
AUX Input
  • Aux. Input for cable connection to Mp3 players (cable not included)
  • Mini USB connection cable for PC management included in the packaging
  • Perfectly integrated in the helmet
  • Easy and fast installation by the user
  • Keypad built into the helmet: ergonomic design, thin, easy to use even while wearing motorcycle gloves, just 4 control keys
  • Can be transferred from one Nolan N-Com helmet to another (compatibles helmets)
  • B901L weight: 120 grams
Battery and Battery Charger
  • Lithium battery, rechargeable and removable
  • Battery Saving Function: automatic switching off of the N-Com amplifiers when there are no active audio sources.
  • Battery low indication with acoustic and visual signal, auto-off function
  • Talk time: 15 hours. Stand-by time: 23 days
  • USB charger: 100/240V – 50/60 Hz
Bluetooth Connections
  • Smartphone: Connection via Bluetooth to your smartphone
  • MP3-Player: Connection via Bluetooth to your Mp3 player
  • GPS: Connection via Bluetooth to your satellite navigator
  • Universal Intercom: Connection via Bluetooth to intercom systems of other brands
Cable Connections
  • MP3-Players: The system works in Stereo mode with the Multimedia Wire2 Mp3 mini USB - Code CPA0000000010. N.B.: You cannot stay connected in intercom mode with the pillion passenger while using the audio source via cable
  • Honda Goldwing: The system works in Stereo mode with the Multimedia Wire2 Honda Goldwing mini USB - Code CNC000I000003
  • Harley Davidson: The system works in Stereo mode with the Multimedia Wire2 Harley Davidson mini USB – Code CNC0000000007

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Posted by 1 17.03.2019

Fit: no information

quite easy to fit into the Helmet Nolan N87, very excited to try it on the road

quite easy to fit into the Helmet Nolan N87, very excited to try it on the road

Posted by 1 16.03.2019

Fit: no information


Posted by 1 21.02.2019

Fit: Fits true to size

Satisfied with my by. ????

Satisfied with my by. ????

Posted by 1 17.12.2018

Fit: no information

Posted by 1 14.12.2018

Fit: no information