Neotec II Excursion

Be one with nature As the successor of the very popular "Neotec" model presented... read more
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Neotec II Excursion

Article No.: 11048275

Be one with nature

As the successor of the very popular "Neotec" model presented at the end of 2011, the Neotec II now offers numerous new features and functions that are once again considered the new standard in the flip-up helmet segment. Especially the first complete integration of a communication solution for a SHOEI helmet is the special feature of this model.

New flip-up helmet with pioneering design

First of all, the striking design of the Neotec II is certainly striking. Its even more aggressive look in extremely compact design thanks to three different shell sizes, combined with perfect fit and maximum functionality, characterize this model.

New lines, a flat finish of the visor and chin part, as well as the partial use of black components create a progressive and consistent overall picture.

In order to fit as many motorcycle models as possible, the upper ventilation also serves as a spoiler for upright driving, while in a sportier and forward inclined driving position, the rear spoiler shape of the shell particularly achieves its stabilizing effect.

Enjoy the comfort zone

To make extra-long journeys even more enjoyable, we have once again optimized wearing comfort and reduced unwanted interference factors with the new Neotec II.

Thanks to the "Noise Isolation" construction, the cheek pads, which have been developed in the wind tunnel, prevent the penetration of wind and thus enable a significantly quieter driving experience. If the stainless steel ratchet closure is closed, the Neotec II offers a very effective wind protection even down.

The chin spoiler (Aero Deflector) for relaxed driving with low turbulence is also redesigned and stability-enhancing.

The 3D-designed, completely removable and washable pad consists of several urethane foams in different degrees of hardness and thus offers a perfect fit and an extremely high wearing comfort.

Revised flip-up mechanism

As with its predecessor, the folding mechanism of the Neotec II is eccentrically shaped and provided with a variable axis to ensure optimal closure.

The chin part is held up securely in its position by means of a now stronger mechanism, even when folded up. In addition, there is another rear detent position, which makes the P / J double homologation possible as a jet and full face helmet.

The trigger button of the folding mechanism of the Neotec II was designed so that it can be operated well in the winter with thicker gloves.

Incidentally, the rear edge of the chin part has a vortex generator, which noticeably calms the air flow at this transition.

Sophisticated protection

The Neotec II features an Advanced Integrated Matrix (AIM) shell made from five different fiberglass and organic layers. So an optimal compromise of maximum stability and simultaneous flexibility is achieved.

Depending on the area, the core of the Neotec II also consists of several EPS elements of different hardness, optimally absorbing impact energy.

For the first time an integrated communication

Completely new to SHOEI is the ability to fully integrate an optional communication system into the helmet shell. In the case of the Neotec II, a separate, triangular-shaped control unit was provided on the lower helmet side, which was completely embedded in the helmet shell, thus enabling a homogeneous appearance.

The leading manufacturer "SENA" is a partner of SHOEI and offers with its specially developed for the Neotec II SRL * -System (SHOEI Rider Link) the right intercom possibility in groundbreaking 3-button design.

The SRL * chipset is based on SENA's 20S system and is currently the best communications solution on the market. Up to eight drivers can connect to each other with a maximum of 2 km range via Bluetooth 4.1, communicate with each other, listen to music, use the mobile phone or navigation system u.v.m.

Enough air for long tours

A newly developed ventilation system makes it a perfect choice for the touring rider. The lower air intake is reshaped, provides mouth and visor area with fresh air and is particularly airtight when closed.

The upper ventilation has been designed with two air intakes compared to its predecessor, while above the slots in the rear area there are already air outlets.

The rear ventilation with its three other air outlets also serves as a spoiler and "pulls" by this negative pressure formally the spent air from the helmet.

Visor without hard edge

The new CNS-3 visor stands out with its beveled edge in the upper area, which particularly prevents moisture from penetrating into the helmet interior. In addition, the visor seal has been redesigned and ensures a tight and tight seal between visor and outer shell.

Different material thicknesses and a distortion-free, extra-large view characterize the injection molded CNS-3 visor made of polycarbonate.

The integrated QSV-1 sun visor of the Neotec II can now also be optionally replaced with a yellow tinted, contrast-enhancing lens. Also, the cutout opening of the helmet shell was significantly reduced for the sun visor mechanism, whereby a significant increase in stability in this area was achieved.

  • Prepared for a Sena communication system
  • Perfectly integrated into the helmet
  • No protruding control unit
  • Helmet design is not affected by the system
  • Double closure for driving with open chin part
  • Shell made of AIM
  • EPS core system with two degrees of hardness
  • Anti-fogging CNS 3 pinlock system
  • Stainless steel micro ratchet closure
  • 360 ° folding mechanism lock made of stainless steel
  • Double homologation P / J
  • QSV-1 sun visor
  • 3 differently sized helmet shells
  • 3 D Head pad, removable and washable
  • Removable and washable chin strap pad
Newly designed cheek padding Includes 'Noise Isolator'
  • Deflector prevents ingress of wind
  • Maximum noise reduction
  • Optimal wearing comfort
  • Multiple ventilation
  • Inlets on the top of the head and chin
  • 2 outlets at the back
  • Extremely improved airflow
  • greatly improved performance
  • Integrated spoiler
  • Integrated vortex generator
  • Novelist Chin Spoiler (Aero Deflector)

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Posted by 1 06.04.2019

Fit: no information

Prima Helm

Posted by 1 20.02.2019

Fit: Fällt aus wie angegeben

Qualität wie ich sie für den Preis erwarte. Allerdings ist die Lautstärke auf meiner Ducati M... read more

Qualität wie ich sie für den Preis erwarte. Allerdings ist die Lautstärke auf meiner Ducati Multistrada nicht so toll. Der Luftstrom trifft hier auf den oberen Teil des Helmes. Daher ein Stern weniger. Insgesamt ein super Helm, mit ausgezeichneter Bedienbarkeit.

TOP Helm

Posted by 1 03.09.2018

Fit: Fällt aus wie angegeben

Der Helm verspricht was die Testberichte sagen. Der Service von Motoin ist klasse.

Der Helm verspricht was die Testberichte sagen. Der Service von Motoin ist klasse.

Posted by 1 13.08.2018

Fit: no information

Posted by 1 13.08.2018

Fit: no information