Capit WPA400, softshell vest heatable

Heating jacket of heated clothes line Capit Enjoy your Time. During cold periods, often we are d... read more
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Capit WPA400, softshell vest heatable

Article No.: 11045695

Heating jacket of heated clothes line Capit Enjoy your Time. During cold periods, often we are dressed improperly respect to temperature, climate or activity performed. Even worse when you move from one warm situation as car or local (or you’re doing sport and/or activity) to one cold situation as warehouse or movement by motorcycle (or you stop doing sport and/or activity). With WARMME today you can feel better, you can decide the best temperature depending on the activity or the environment in which you are, whatever type it is.

Produced with soft material, durable and elastic, has a double outer layer water-proof/wind-block. It has been designed with the characteristic Italian company attention, combining technical knowledge and nice design. This product has been studied to be worn under any jacket or coat, adapting it to the different moments of the week. WARMME can be the garment for all days: for outdoor job, sports and hobbies.

Details are the difference with competitors
  • invisible circuit: hot plates flexible and ultra-flat, strategically positioned in specific areas of the body, so as to help maintain and earn a comfortable temperature.
  • one control easy to use: "easy touch" button (so you can use it without removing gloves) to select temperatures available. With 3 colored lights can understand even in the dark what temperature you are using. Red light = high 38°C battery life 2 hours, orange light = average 33°C battery life 3 hours, green light = maintenance 28°C battery life 4 hours.
  • lightness and comfort: lithium-ion battery small, light and fast rechargeable. Positioned in a small interior pocket, is able to power the circuit up to 5 hours for each charge cycle.
  • tailored fit: double side zipper for a perfect fit to the body whatever clothing you are using.
  • nothing cold hands: zip pullers and "easy open" pocket flaps to use the jacket without removing gloves
  • all safe: "reverse" zip to the external side pockets to prevent accidental opening.
  • optional direct supply: with the specific accessory cable you can connect it directly to the cigarette lighter excluding the use of batteries.

In secondary image detailed table of sizes with measures.

Battery and charger included in the packaging (can be purchased separately as spare part).

Designed in Italy

Material composition

100% Polyerster

Suitable accessories


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