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Dainese D-Air Racing Misano, leather suit 1pcs. perforated

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RRP $ 2,468.6032% saved$ 1,682.78
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Dainese D-Air Racing Misano, leather suit 1pcs. perforated

Article No.: 11042461

with Airbag

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Dainese D-air® Racing Misano. 1-piece certified motorbike leathersuit in cowhide D-Skin 2.0 with the intelligent protection system D-air® Racing which works in synergy with the existing certified protections in professional racing leathers (back protector, composite protectors, Pro-Shape soft protectors, aluminium inserts on shoulders and knees, titanium inserts on elbows). D-air® Racing was designed to be used exclusively on the track and is not for road use.

Intelligent clothing is technology you can wear thanks to the innovative integration of expertise from a variety of fields, including electronics, mechanical engineering and ergonomics. Integration that is made possible by another field of expertise – that of designing safety tailored to the human body. This intelligent protection system detects dangerous situations and automatically inflates special airbags around the rider's body. A deployment algorithm analyses data from various sensors and decides whether to deploy the system or not.

D-air® Racing is the intelligent protective air-bag based system for motorbike riders on the track. D-air® Racing works in synergy with the existing body armour in professional racing leathers, shielding the following areas of the rider’s body:

  • SHOULDERS:The system brings the extra shoulder protection of an airbag certified to the EN 1621/4.
  • NECK: D-air® Racing limits the inclination of the head in relation to the neck and reduces helmet movement during rolling.
  • COLLAR BONES: D-air® Racing reduces the risk of direct helmet impact on the collarbones.

D-air® Racing consists of an electronic system (hardware, triggering algorithm and management software), a pneumatic system (gas generator and airbag) and a support structure that is purpose-designed for its intended use (in this case racing leathers), where the different components are safely and reliably installed.

The ELECTRONIC SYSTEM consists of: triggering algorithm and diagnostics managed by dedicated firmware; three accelerometers; three gyroscopes; a GPS; 2 Gbyte internal memory; user interface (LED); lithium polymer battery.

The PNEUMATIC SYSTEM consists of: Dainese-patented 3D structure airbag; high-pressure airbag with volume of 4 litres; "cold" technology gas generator.

D-air® Racing is designed to provide its additional protection in track use, recognising and activating in the event of HIGH SIDE (rider thrown from bike as a result of rear wheel slide followed by sudden recovery of traction) or LOW SIDE (loss of front or rear wheel traction followed by rider rolling). Thanks to its intelligent triggering algorithm, D-air® Racing can assess the violence of a crash and only trigger when actually necessary in the scenarios considered above. It won’t, for example, trigger in falls at speeds of less than 50 km/h or when the crash dynamics don’t require the extra protection of an airbag.

  • S1 fabric
  • D-Skin 2.0 leather
 Performance shock
  • Pro Shape soft protectors certified
  • Composite protectors certified to Standard EN 1621.1
  • D-air® airbag system
  • Chest protection tested according to EN 1621.4 (Level 2)
  • Back protector to EN 1621.2 Standard (Level 2)
  • Chest Protector to EN 1621.3
  • D-air® Racing I.P.S. (Intelligent Protection System)
  • Aluminium inserts on shoulders and knees
  • Titanium inserts on the elbows
  • Elbow slider RSS: Replaceable Slider System
  • Double zipper at calf
  • Suit-boots fastening system
  • Inserts in elasticated fabric
  • Bi-axial elasticated insert system
 Temperature adjustment
  • NanoFeel® removable liner
  • Perforated leather
  • Aerodynamic spoiler with air vents
 General features
  • Oversuit provided
  • Interchangeable knee sliders
  • Interchangeable elbow sliders
  • D-air® Racing was designed to be used exclusively on the track and is not for road use.
S1 fabric

Continuous technological development and the pursuit of constantly improving performance led to the evolution of the bi-axial Arrow-FK fabric now known as S1 that increases mechanical properties. This fabric for sports apparel composed of an elastomer coated with Cordura® polyamide is distinguished by elevated mechanical strength and bi-axial elastic properties to guarantee excellent comfort levels. Protector treatment developed through nanotechnology applied to textile finishing also ensures excellent water/oil repellence properties.

Composite protectors certified to Standard EN 1621.1

With their special construction, composite protectors on the shoulders, elbows and knees homologated to EN 1621.1 Standard offer elevated protection. A rigid external plastic shell absorbs and distributes impact energy over the protector’s entire surface thanks to a patented reticulate structure that also offers lower thickness and weight. The inside of the protector in high-density polyethylene foam has elevated deformability and high shape memory retention that ensures greater comfort through adaptation to the wearer’s body, which is also served by perforation on the outside that increases breathability.

Suit-boots fastening system

This exclusive Dainese patent lets boots be worn and fastened by Velcro® strip under certain suits. The result is greater safety because of the reduction in the number of garment parts that might get hooked to the bike during fall, lower weight, better aerodynamics, and increased comfort due to the reduction of the boot's volume and the greater adherence of the rider's leg to the vehicle.  

Inserts in elasticated fabric

Elasticated inserts positioned in the most strategic locations improve the garment’s capacity for adaptation to the body’s changing shape and movement during riding.

Bi-axial elasticated insert system

This Dainese patent has brought safety and comfort to new levels: one large panel in leather elasticated by bellows stretches perpendicularly in two directions, width and length in order to give the wearer greater freedom of movement around the kidneys (when hunched over the fuel tank) and in the chest and arms.

NanoFeel® removable liner

Innovative liner in bacteriostatic polyester yarn developed through nanotechnology. The treatment of nano-particles with silver ions ensures greater efficacy in antibacteria and anti-odour properties, longer life, and better resistance to washing because the silver particles are inside the fibre itself and not brought in from outside as in bacteriostatic yarns.

Material composition

outer: 100% Cowhide - Inserts: 93% Nylon 7% Elastam - Internal inserts: 100% Aramid Fibre
lining: 100% Polyester - Inserts: 84% Nylon 16% Elastam

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Service commande réactif et top !!!!

Service commande réactif et top !!!!

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