SafeKey®, SecureCode™, Verified by Visa


3-D-Secure is a technique, which is used for extra security while credit card transactions. It was developed by VISA and used for Verified by Visa. Known under the name SecureCode, for MasterCard respectively SafeKey for American Express, these credit card companies are offering this 3-D-Secure technique as well. 3-D-Secure is supposed to reduce the risk of fraud.
Online-dealers worldwide are using this procedure, and it is completely free for you.

Registration for 3-D-Secure:

The registration is fast and uncomplicated. It is done by using the website of your bank, were the credit card was handed over to you. Beyond that you will be asked automatically for the registration, while the paying process.

Registration while shopping:

At our Online-Shop you will be asked automatically, after choosing “Credit card” payment, to register for SafeKey, SecureCode or Verified by Visa. You will be leaded to the website of your card giving bank, where you can get registered.

We don’t have any access to the data of the registration process. This information is only on the server of your bank. Please note, that with most credit cards it is necessary to register immediately. Otherwise the order is not sealed.

Naturally you can also register directly on the website of your card handing bank.

Personal information while registration:

The information given by you while registration, is getting compared by your bank, with the information they have about you. This procedure should make sure, that you are the true owner of the credit card. For extra safety you will be asked to put in your Card Verification Code.

Personal Greeting:

The personal greeting is a free text, defined by you while the registration process. If the registration got completed correctly, you will see the window of your bank, every time you are buying from us, or another participating Online-Shop. In this window will be used your chosen personal greeting, and you will be asked to fill in your 3-D-SecureCode.

If the personal greeting in the shown window is not correct, don’t fill in your 3-D-SecureCode, but get in contact with your bank as soon as possible.


  • Even more safety while paying online
  • Individual choice of password
  • Simple use
  • No new card or software needed
  • Encoded connection
  • Immediately ready to use and totally free of charge
  • Worldwide used

If you still have any questions or concerns about the 3-D-SecureCode, don’t hesitate to contact us +49 241 4125990, or your bank.